Themed Marquee Packages

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is an extremely popular themed package at the moment. Our light green, dark green and brown lining transforms the marquee into a jungle scene in seconds. Pairing the lining with balloons, decor and some dinosaur cut outs, this theme will certainly put a smile on your child’s face! You can even extend the package to include fairy lights, backdrops and tables and chairs. We can kit out the marquee for any type of event!

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Super Heroes

Do you know a child or even adult that is obsessed with Super Heroes?! We have the perfect themed package for you. Depending on which superhero you would like to base the decor on, we have a great range of lining to really transform your marquee from zero to hero in seconds! If Superman is your favourite, red, blue and yellow lining is perfect to bring the theme to life. If guests are coming in costumes, it is definitely worth including a backdrop or cut outs to get some amazing pictures with.

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Disney Princess

Our Disney Princess theme is the perfect way to create the most magical fairy tale experience for your child’s birthday party. Just like our other themed packages, we can adapt the lining and extras to portray the Princess of your choice. Fairy lights and backdrops as extras put that finishing touch to the theme which will make it a party to remember. You will feel like you've spent the day in a real Princess castle!

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the perfect theme to get all of your guests involved. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Our lining, backdrops and cut outs will transform your marquee into the Vegas strip, but we also have casino tables and games that we can fill the marquee with to bring the casino to you. If it is an evening party you are looking for, we can also provide bars and cocktail menus to really finish off that Vegas lifestyle!

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Gender Reveal

Preparing for a baby is such a special time, a time to celebrate whenever you can and a gender reveal is a great way to get all of your friends and loved ones together for the best SURPRISE! Our baby blue and light pink lining is the perfect setting for this special event. Backdrops, balloons and cut outs make the perfect backdrop for the BIG reveal and all your lovely photos to keep forever.

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Bespoke Theme

Have a different theme you would like to create? We can work with you to bring your ideas to life. Whatever theme or ideas you have whether it’s just a colour scheme, a movie or TV programme; we have all of the equipment and décor to put together the perfect event for you. Any theme you want, we can transform the marquee into your vision! Lining, cut outs, backdrops, fairy lights and many more extras such as tables and chairs, dancefloors and bars can transform your marquee into any theme you wish. You imagine, we crate!

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Best of British

Britain has many different events throughout the year to celebrate that we just had to have an adaptable package to dedicate to Britain. Depending on what event it is you are celebrating, we have red, white and blue lining to bring to life that real British feel! We have transformed marquees for the World Cup, the Jubilee and many more, it really gets people into the patriotic feel and helps us celebrate being British.

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80s / 90s

80s/90s themes are always good fun! What a great way to get your friends and family in the party mood. There are so many different decorations we can fill the marquee with to bring out everyone’s DISCO fever! Lining definitely sets the scene, with back drops, balloons, dancefloors and disco balls putting that finishing touch to a great night.

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Winter Wonderland

We all love a Christmas party, however, this theme isn't just for Christmas, lots of people have used this theme for many other events. The ice white and blue lining really brings out an elegant feel to the marquee. With added fairy lights, sparkles and backdrops, the marquee really glistens like the snow and really transforms your marquee no matter where you are.

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Planning a spooktacular party for your friends? Look no further than our Halloween package. We can make this package as scary as you wish! Our black, orange and purple linings are the most popular for this theme. We can even focus on your favourite Halloween movie if you want and bring the characters to life with cut outs and back drops.

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Themed Marquee Packages

Marquees can be used for many different purposes. Our customers here at Marquee World hire marquees for a vast range of reasons and events. We’ve had customers wanting to throw a garden party, create extra space for their businesses or even extend their home to host Christmas dinner. Our marquees come in all different sizes to fit all occasions.

The most popular use for our marquees is garden parties. Many customers now want themed events, which can be anything from just a colour theme to a specific film or era. We offer many different marquee packages that can transform your event from good to amazing in no time at all! We have a range of different coloured lining which really transforms your marquee to make your event feel special. We have had many ‘Black Tie’ events in the past which our black lining goes perfectly with. You can then add anything from fairy lights, balloons, a bar and tables and chairs to finish off the space. Another theme that is always a hit is ‘Bond 007’ theme; with everyone in their tuxedos the black lining really sets the scene.  

Of course it’s not just evening events that we have packages for, daytime summer parties are always a hit, especially children’s themed parties! We love getting stuck into all the different themes that kids love, they are always so much fun to create. We have had themes such as Jurassic park, Princess, day at the farm, Cocomelon, Minecraft and even Peppa Pig! All of these themes were transformed by our different colour lining, along with some added balloons and fairy lights our marquees turn into a children’s dream and it’s so great to see their little faces light up!

Some of our customers, however, hire marquees for more business related events. Pubs have used marquees to extend their capacity for events such as football, concerts and Christmas party nights. Any theme our customers come up with, we make possible with our lining, fairy lights and extras. During the recent World Cup, we made an England themed marquee for a local pub showing all the games. It was amazing to get stuck into the spirit of the game and really create a great atmosphere for the pubs customers to come and support England! Christmas party nights are another one of our favourite events to create. Sometimes the customer has a theme in mind, other times we are let loose to deck out the marquee and create a Winter Wonderland! Either way, our marquees always look amazing and it is the perfect setting to party the night away during the festive period. 

Of course Weddings are another big reason why our customers come to us to hire a marquee. Lots of people prefer having marquee weddings rather than venues nowadays because it feels more intimate and personal to be able to have it at home. The benefit of having your wedding in a marquee is it can be made bespoke to you, we can decorate the interior and exterior however you wish, you can have the layout inside anyway you please, the marquee can be as big as you need to fit all of your wanted guests, you can have the marquee located wherever you wish...and the list goes on. We have a range of lining; however, the most popular colour for weddings is either white or cream. The lining has a lovely satin finish which gives the marquee that perfect shine and elegant touch for such an important event. We are seeing more and more customers asking for our advice on wedding marquees and we love being involved in your special day.

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